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I am 15 years old and I am unable to pull my foreskin back even halfway over the head of my penis whether I am flaccid or erect. 
Is this unusual?

If so then what could be the things stopping me?
I need your help as I am quite shy and can not gather the courage to speak to my Mum or Dad about this...
I have thought about going to see a Doctor but even that makes me far too nervous! :/

Would really appreciate your help! Thanks! :D


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I really think you have to figure out why it won't go back. You are there, you can see it, we can't.

If it's because the tip is too tight you need to keep trying and stretch it. If it's because your frenulum is too short you need to see a doctor (urologist) about that. If she/he says circumcise ask about a different solution or find another doctor. It's very rare that you need to be circumcised to fix anything but it's an easy out for the doctor.




The solution, if you want your foreskin to comfortably retract like most men's, is to gently stretch it morning, noon, and night for a few months. A doctor would prescribe Betamethasone steroidal ointment to help things along.

Note that circumcision has nothing to do with the solution. If you don't have the patience for stretching, the surgical remedy is minimal bi-lateral dorsal slit with transverse closure, which amputates nothing. Make sure the surgeon knows your goal is retractability, not a permanantly retracted appearance.