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For my entire adult life I have had two possibly related problems:
1. Tight foreskin, but only when erect. I cannot retract my foreskin all the way past the ridge of the glans unless I use extra lubricant. When flaccid there is no significant problem and I can clean fine.
2. I can get an erection just fine, but it fades away after 5-10mins no matter how excited I am or what the situation. This occurs in masturbation (although I can usually sustain a bit harder and longer) as well as during intercourse. Initial penetration during intercourse can be painful unless lots of lubricant is used.

Could the erection and penetration problems be linked to my tight foreskin?
If so, what is the best (non-surgical) approach to use to allow myself to retract my foreskin properly when erect?


It might be tempting to try to link all your sexual concerns into one cause... but it is doubtful if a tight foreskin is causing ED.

Some people swear by a stretching technique to expand the foreskin over time. There may be some benefit to that.

However, if you are experiencing pain during sex from a tight foreskin, of course it is going to make you loose interest and loose your erection.

You ask for non-surgical solutions, but there are some very good surgical aides now. You might ask your doctor (yes, I'd go there in any case to have him evaluate your condition) about a "dorsal slit". This simple cut can be performed in a doctor's office and with a minimum of care, can give you enough room to roll back the foreskin and enjoy sex more. With some study and planning, the doctor may be able to eliminate the pain altogether... but I leave that for him to evaluate, decide and recommend.

Good luck.
Let us know what you come up with. :-D