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Hi, im 17 years old and uncut. I have tight foreskin and cant pull it back all the way erected and un erected. I think its because my foreskin has a tight ring, and the ring has white bumps on it, which i think is making my foreskin tight. I dont know what it is, but im a virgin so i dont think its an std. Does anyone have any ideas on helping my foreskin fully retract?


If you are so tight that it cant retract either erect or flacid, you will need to be seen by a doctor.

There are several things that can be done, not the least of which is a dorsal slit... which is a nick on one side to allow the foreskin to slide back.

It's done in a doctor's office and you can care for yourself at home afterwards. Takes under two weeks or so to heal. During that time, no sex, no rough stuff, and keep it clean.

You'll want to discuss all options with your doctor after an exam however.

Good luck.