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Hi all,

I have a situation which I hope you can help me with.
When flaccid, I can pull my foreskin over the head, but if pulled further down the shaft will cause the head to bend over.
When erect: I can pull my foreskin over the head, which remains upright as the penis is rigid. The skin can be pulled down the shaft, not any more than that. The foreskin rolls right below the head of the penis.

The frenulum is quite tight and if I pull hard, it is painful.
It has never caused problems (im 19), but probably as I've been using condoms most of the time.

First of all, I would like to know if you think I have frenulum breve? If yes, what would you recommend to do (i am not considering circumcision)? I made a small research and came accross frenuloplasty, which I would consider as the last resort.

Also, will frenulum tear if I have intercourse without a condom?

Thank you.


Yes, it's possible that it might tear...then again, it might not.
How hard are you planning on thrusting? How tight will your partner be?
Do you plan on getting carried away? Will there be much lube?

There's another possibiility, and that would be to ask your doctor about a "dorsal slit".
I understand this minor cut in the forskin allows it to roll back or flop down much easier, preserving the foreskin and nerves, but allowing more room. You'll have to ask your doctor for the details, though. I am unclear if this is the same as the procedure you're considering.
-op care.

The dorsal slit or any minor cut or surgery could be done in the doctor's office on an outpatient basis, with some advanced discussion about post

A complete circumcision is not necessary, as I understand your problem.