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Does anyone know the protocol for a suboxone long...ect...was interested into going to one to get off painkillers..if anyone has any info lmk...also if u have done a methadone detox and a suboxone...which one did u like better...aka what was more bearable...thank you



Iv went 4 days without any subs about a year and a half ago was not to bad but I went threw a methadone detox and it was not pretty the worst of the worst went to a rehab center they gave me subs for seven days the signed my self out and jumped back on h fir a month methadone is the worst thing in the world it was painfull got in to a sub doc I'm about to detox from subs now I'm taking 2 and a half subs a day and I have to go cold turkey heard the first 5 days are the worst but I would rather do that then go back in methadone that sh*t should be against the law they give anybody that sh*t owell do the subs not methadone iv been doing this for 10 years don't let them drug pushing as****e doc push that sh*t on u all my teeth are rotting from methadone don't do it