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how to clean anal canal before anal sex?


Not everyone does.

Some people use an enima... but other swear this is a harmful practice.

Some people just use a condom.... other don't worry about it, and use a heavy lube.

Perhaps someone else with experience can comment.


I am fairly new to anal sex. I've been doing it for about a year, but not too often because I don't seem to find pleasure in it just yet.
I've read a few blogs and many people have different techniques that work for them.
Here is mine.
I try to fast if I know I'm going to have anal sex. I like to take Metamucil. Usually, I fill up a water bottle (about 14oz. You've got to take some out first in order to fit the fiber in) with 2 tablespoons of Metamucil then drink it and when I am about halfway done with it, I'll go ahead and fill it up again with just water. I usually do this in the morning. That'll be my breakfast. I'll also do a workout to give my muscles and metabolism a jump start.
A few hours later I'll use the restroom. Hopefully the fiber gets all the feces out.
When it comes closer to sex (an hour or two before) I clean myself.
I use a douche. I fill it up with lukewarm water and get on all fours (doggy style) arch my back insert the douche into your (lubricated for little to no pain) rectum and squeeze all the water in I usually try to put three bulbs of water in. Then, I get up and kind of do a little dance. I shake my hips & do a couple jumping jacks. You want to get the water moving in there. Hold the water in for maybe about 3 minutes then shoot it all out into the toilet and repeat until the water becomes clear. In order to clean deeper, you must arch your back an get down low so that the water is able to flow deeper and cleanse more thouroughy. Once I feel I have douched enough, I go and shower.
Sometimes I even douche in the shower, but I don't like it because being under the shower for too long dries out my skin.
So in the shower (after douching) I usually soap up my ass just to cleanse it and give it a nice scent. And just make sure you rinse out the soap so that there are no spuds while you're engaging in anal. Some people prefer not to use soap because it may irritate or dry them out, but that has not happened to me. Maybe try using Safeguard soap.
So that's about it. Like I said, this is what I've been doing and it seems to work for me. Just make sure to do your research. (: