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My boyfriend has Lymphedema in both of his legs.
Lymphedema (for anyone who does not know) is swelling that occurs most often in your arms or legs. It may affect just one arm or leg, but sometimes lymphedema can involve both arms or both legs.
The swelling occurs when a blockage in your lymphatic system prevents the lymph fluid in your arm or leg from draining adequately. As the fluid accumulates, the swelling continues. (I feel so smart :-D )
But anyways, he sprang this on me one day. I was really freaked out and it was very hard for me to handle. He told me that he could never get a cut on his leg because he could get an infection and end up in the hospital.
So I went and did research on it and it scared me even more!

There is no cure for Lymphedema.

That has to be some of the scariest words I've ever heard! Just knowing that any moment he could die, its just a terrible thought.
So very recently, just this past week actually, he was admitted to hospital because he ended up getting an infection in one of his legs.
So now he's back in his wheelchair and I'm very tense around him because he still is in a lot of pain. I'm sometimes afraid to be around him because I think that I'll hurt him if I do! I'm very frustrated and edgy, and I want to help him but i don't know what to do!
I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice about how to cope with such heavy news. I just need some advice on ways to handle what he's going through.
Please and thank you for future references. :]


Hi there! I appreciate your concern for your loved one. This is a difficult time and it is great that you have each other. I worked with a lady when I was in college who suffered from the same condition. She would go through bouts of severe swelling, so much though that the fluid would seap out of her legs. She wore wraps that kept pressure on her legs and kept the swelling down to some degree. There is no cure but there are things that he can do to prevent lymphedema.

Maintain good nutrition
Reduce foods high in salt and fat
Exercise regularly
Avoid infections
Stay alert for signs of infections
Avoid tight clothing, shoes or jewelry
Avoid heavy lifting with the affected arm (even a purse or bag)
Keep your skin meticulously clean
Take precautions during visits to your doctor
Inform your doctor of any symptoms

Lymphedema treatments vary, depending on the stage and cause of the illness. The most important aspect of treatment is learning how to care for your health. Your doctor or nurse will teach you and your family how to follow your prescribed treatment. If the initial signs and symptoms of swelling are caused by infection, antibiotics may be prescribed. Other treatments may include bandaging, proper skin care and diet, compression garments, exercises, and manual lymphatic drainage, a gentle form of skin stretching/massage.

Best of luck to you both! I am sure you will find a great deal of information here on the site.


hi i know its hard for your boyfriend i have it to in both my legs and im only 14 years old and thank you for puting this up here it helps me no im not alone in this and to cope with it i would just try to be strong around him let him know u care and u want to help he knows u can t noone realy can help u and if he ever needs someone ot talk to about it theres a site on line were u can talk to other people that have it from people my age to people in there like 60s


Hello i am 32 yrs old and i was born with it its been very hard for me to handle since i am a women and i cant wear heals hang in there


Thank you so much, I appreciate the replys and the support. I haven't been on in awhile and I wanted to give you an update. I'm really scared, My boyfriend has been going back and forth to the doctors and they keep telling him the same thing. He's getting worse. HIs immune system is falling dangerously low and he gets sick really easy. He cant get any cuts or scraps near his legs because it puts him at risk of infection. Its still so hard after all this time :/ But I'm hangning in there and so is he, I'm sticking by his side and helping him through whatever he needs me for.