I'm trying to get help for my 27 year old son. 7 months ago he started with pain and burning under his left shoulder blade. MRI showed he has tendinitis with tares. Shot of cortisone and no change. Then right upper back, shoulder blade and right arm started with same symptoms. MRI of cervical shows 2 prolapsed disc in neck pressing on thecal sac. Doesn't show any nerves being pinched or anything. Symptoms are still the same only now both arms are burning really bad. He said it feels like a severe sunburn. He also has muscle twitches in his eye, arms, and legs. He's on pain meds and muscle relaxers but they don't help much. He uses ice packs, walks the floor because the pain/burning is so bad. He has no strength in his hands either. He can't even open a bottle of water. The doctors aren't telling us anything really or doing anything to figure out why he is having all these problems. I hope someone reads this and could give me some information as to what it might be or maybe what other tests to have. He doesn't have any health insurance so we have been paying for everything as self pay. It's very hard to get a specialist to see him due to that...not to mention the cost. I've researched all over the internet for months and I can't figure out what it is. Please any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.