I am having hernia due to pregnancy. When I consulted a doctor she told me it is a diverification of muscles.

I delivered 4 months back and it was scessarian. Now one of the doctors (Two senior doctors attended my delivery) is asking me not to do any excercise and show to a surgeon after 1 year. Also asked me not to use any abdominal belts. And another doctor asked me to start with excercises that will reduce my stomach. Use a belt for supporting my stomach, and that there is no hernia as such, it may go by itself. but she again asked me to meet her after 3 months.

Now I will explain how I feel myself: My stomach is looking bulged with my belly button poking outside. It is just like a mass hanging down. I could feel something hard inside-on the stomach, around the belly button-without any fleshy part outside. I am getting back ache after sitting for 1 or 2 hours. I cannot hold my child for more that 2 minutes. If I bent forward it is difficult for me to come to the previous position (my back and stomach will be aching, as if I had been working for an hour bending myself). I feel like holding somewhere to become staright. And when I go to sleep I need to hold the stomach as it will go to either of the sides.

Now tell me whether it is hernia, and whether it needs surgery, or will it heal by itself by using proper belt?
Can I use a belt which cover the whole stomach? If that isthe case I will be very comfirtable. Can you suggest me one?