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Iam 19 years old and have recently found a lump just below my belly button....a few days before I was lifting very heavy objects and threw my back out...I still cannot use my back properly, but this lump under my belly button only hurts when I touch it...and it looks dark red on the outside...nothing is coming out of the skin but on the inside there is a small hard lump...what could this be? could it be connected to my back hurting?


Sounds like hernia to me but you should have it checked by a doc. Hernias do occur after lifting heavy objects and the lumps are obvious when you cough, sneeze or laugh. In case you don’t know what hernias are…..they are a protrusion of an organ, part of an organ or a tissue through a weak muscle wall. They appear as lumps and may appear on different places, the most common being umbilical (at the navel site), inguinal (low abdomen) or femoral (in the groins).

The only way to get rid of hernia is by having a surgery but it seems that some hernias are left alone while others need treatment as they may cause complications.

I would suggest you saw a GP and had it checked.