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I am extremely overweight and have a overhanging stomach as it is. I have been feeling over the last couple of days like my stomach is in a constant state of protruding out, and is in alot of discomfort. I have felt a soft lump on the wall of my belly button and behind it, but it is not painful , just an uncomfortable feeling of my stomach sticking out. Any ideas?


My sister-in-law had a similar problem. She experienced it first when she sneezed strongly and this lump just protruded out of her abdomen. She got very scared and went to see a doc the following day. She was diagnosed with umbilical hernia. It looks like a soft lump coming out of your abdomen and even more when you try to laugh, cough, or sneeze.

This would mean that a tissue or part of an organ bulged out of its normal place in the body. Umbilical hernia occurs when there’s a weakness in the muscles around the navel to allow the organs to bulge through the abdominal wall.
It happens in babies often but adults can experience it as well. In adults, it happens because of a tension on the congenital area of weakness beneath the navel.
As for the symptoms, they may differ from one person to another. The lump around the navel is the most common. You can also feel it and some people can even push it back in its place for some time but it will usually bulge back when you sneeze or laugh. You may/may not have the pain or burning in the stomach that get worse during the actions I already mentioned- coughing, sneezing, lifting, laughing.
People most at risk are those who are overweight, have fluid in the abdomen, have tumors in the abdomen, during labor, after hard labor, etc
Most of the time, hernias are fixed surgically. My sister-in-law wasn’t and the surgeon just told her to push it back in and that surgery was not necessary, at least not yet.
Considering you are overweight, I would have it checked and of course to make sure what it really is and if there were an underlying condition.