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After months of not knowing what’s going on going from one test to other, while the entire time main symptom was constant presence of blood in his urine, my husband was diagnosed with CIS bladder cancer. We’re lucky it was at the earliest stage and it’s non-invasive. His recovery after surgery was relatively fast, but he is still on treatment, receiving BCG. He’s currently had 4 BCG treatments already, and has the rest scheduled next month, but the problem he is experiencing now has us both worried that cancer might have returned. He’s having constant tissue discharge every time he urinates and even though oncologist did say he might experience bladder inflammation after BCG, but we’re not sure if inflammation from BVG would cause this tissue discharge.

Thanks for any help.


I would definitely be concerned if there is tissue discharge when he urinates.  Is there blood present as well?  It would behoove you and your husband to contact the oncologist to see if your husband needs to go back in for an exam.  The treatment may not be effective and the cancer may be coming back.  It is best to have it addressed now and be ahead in the game before it gets worse.  Good luck to the both of you!  I hope it isn't the cancer returning but I do wish for your husband to get in right away.

Has anyone else have the BCG done?  What were your experiences?