I've had this problem since I was 13, I get lots of pimples on my buttocks that I have no idea how I get no matter how much I wash them, even with soap. Sometimes, they just become huge pockets of blood, and are absolutely torture when I accidentally sit down on them. Only just yesterday I woke up to see my bed have a massive red spot in the middle where the pimple popped. I've been looking for a solution online and I've gotten nothing so far, I want to try every possible method before consulting a doctor as I don't think I can cover the costs for treatment if it's serious. I have many, many scars on my bum cheeks as a result of this, and sometimes they just appear on top of existing ones.

One thing I noticed is that they tend to appear after I've had a sweaty day, and are mostly around my underwear line where the elastic is. I'm quite convinced this is one of the causes, and I go home and make sure I clean my bum thoroughly but to no avail. I would really appreciate any help at this point, I'm getting desperate.