I had a tonsilectomy in the early 1960's by a crude family doctor. I have visible scars where my tonsils were. For years, I have felt like I need to constantly clear my throat especially to talk but other times as well. When I clear my throat it doesn't help and the urge is still there. Sometimes there is a small amount of clear phlem but not always. When there is some, it doesn't help what it is removed. I've tried sinus medications to no avail. I take medicine for acid reflux which doesn't help the throat problem. I've had a throat scope and my esophagus is not damaged from the acid reflux. It is embarrasing at work. Not only is it annoying to myself, I'm sure it is annoying to other people. I am beginning to think it is due to the scaring left from the surgery. Does anyone have the same problem or know a solution?