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So somewhat recently, every now and then I've been getting these pimples, which come one at a time and at first they just look like little skin bumps (which aren't even red) then literally overnight they turn into giant, puss filled white heads that looks like it could pop on it's own any second (and they generally do).

I've never had one of these on my face where I normally get acne. It's only on my chest, right between my breasts and it's also only ever one at a time. They just look so gross that I can't imagine it's a regular pimple, the last two I had also left these really red scars and I can't not pop them to prevent scarring because they just pop on their own. Are these really just pimples?


I have the same problem and would REALLY like to know how to fix it, and get rid of these nasty giant puss sacks in between my boobs :-( I walk around with a tissue in between my boobs in case it explodes. :-( :-(