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husband has always had one high testicle. 9 months ago began having pain in it, and overall scrotal pain during and after sex. Occasionally otherwise. We noticed testicle had raised much higher, almost dissapearing during sex. Have no reason to believe he has had sexual relationship with anyone but me. I have had no other sexual relationship.
He was constantly having scrotal itch. I cut out the bleach and the itching seemed to stop. Went to urologist. He asked me to go in with him, but I felt uncomfortable being present for such exam. I realize now I should have because I didn't realize he was uncomfortable about seeing someone and was afraid he wouldn't get across the details of his concern and mine. (which he didn't) Husband says he told Dr. his testicle was causing great pain, Dr. examined and asked have you always had a raised testicle, he said yes. Dr. gave him an antibiotic. He said Dr. said something like epididymitis. I have looked this up and am now of course very concerned. Realizing Dr. may be wrong as husband didn't give him full information I am asking you for opinion. His whole life he has had raised testicle. Now it is raise much higher than it always has been, near dissapears during sex, pain did stop after about a month but it is still way higher. Now I have noticed the second one has moved up some.We are in our late 40's so children isn't an issue. Considering he was born like this, can something like this get worse, cause serious problems, or am I to believe he has epididmytis which I now read is associated with gonorrhea.


I dont know much about the condition your doctor has advised of. All i can say is that my right testicle hangs lower then the left one. The main reason for this is becasue i twisted it when i was 15. They had to stitch it (on the inside) perminantly to the base of my penis (left side). I too find that when i am aroused the testicles raise. The left testicle raises so far then stops but the right one (depending on how aroused i am) dissappears inside to the right of the penis (slightly above). It drops on its own accord ussually (after intercorse/masturbation) but sometimes i have to move it back down by hand, which, isnt a pleasnt feeling.

I do know that all men have one testicle hanging slightly lower then the other much like women have one breast slightly larger then the other.

is this what is happening with your husbands testicles? Do they hang normal/slightly elevated when not having intercorse then raise/dissappear when aroused?

Dont know if any of this helps, let me know how you go on.