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About four days ago I noticed a pain in my right testicle as I bent over to pick something up. I didn't feel anything pull. It was more like the pain after you've been hit in the testicles and then you try to bend.
Since then I have had a constant mild aching pain in my right testicle. The pain is mild because I am extremely careful to keep pressure off of it and I won't allow anything close enough that it could possible hit it.
In addition, my right testicle is now hanging noticeably higher than my left. The pain, although mild, is persistant and sometimes moves into my lower abdomen and back.
The day before I first noticed this pain I had an exceptionally long work out, but I was only in a sitting position on a lat machine. On the same day it just so happens that I also had an exceptionally strained bowel movement. I'm not sure if either of these have anything to do with my problem. Also, I had a troubled vasectomy about 8 years ago that left me with a similar pain for many months.
I'm a bit scared now as when I researched my symptoms they seem to point to testicular tortion, and everywhere I read says that it is an emergency matter that must be corrected within 6 hours or you will have to loose the testicle.

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I have had this problem for days. I haven't seen a doctor because I am one of those 'numbers' you hear about on the news that doesn't have medical insurance.
If anyone out there has any advice or suggestion I would greatly appreciate it.


I don’t think that this is testicular torsion because the torsion symptoms occur suddenly, they are quite severe and include strong pain, nausea, vomiting, swelling and bruising but I do think that you should have it checked though if it doesn’t subside.

Your symptoms could be many things including hernia, varicocele or recurrent vasectomy pain that I hear could persists for a very long time.

If you are also having symptoms in the lower back and stomach, it could even be a nerve entrapment that is in charge of pelvic organs.
Hernia could occur after exertion like working out, straining or lifting stuff. Hard bowel movements could aggravate hernia.

As you can see, your symptoms could be pointed at a few directions but only examination could confirm it.


Hey just wondering if you got to the bottom of the problem as it sounds exactly like what I’m experiencing right now.