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I had a sports hernia for years and then something I did in the last month progressed it to a tiny hernia which was very uncomfortable and I went in for surgery. Surgery went well, that was 9 days ago, I am 35 years old.

Before I went in for surgery I also noticed that the left testicle (the side I had the hernia on) was slightly swollen on the top and the chord that attached to the top certainly feels swollen where it attaches to the testicle.

So 9 days later that chord and where it attached feels the same, swollen. I did not even think about it or notice it until I went to the grocery store 2 days ago and the 45 minute walk made me very achy in the testicles, just like it did when I had the tiny hernia before it was repaired.

So now I am wondering if that swelling was part of the hernia and I am still healing or if I have other issues as well. It's pretty tender to touch that area, but then again it has only been 9 days since surgery. It was a minor outpatient surgery and they used the mesh patch. If it had not felt swollen before the surgery I would just assume this is part of the post-surgery healing process.

Just to clarify, that "swollen" is very soft, it is not a hard lump...


Thank you!


I have had 5 hernia operations,, the first 2 before they started using mesh. My left testicle was swollen and they did surgery on it at the same time. Dr. said it was a hydroseal, basically  a layer of liquid that forms aroound the testicle. With the exceptio od the Dr.. doing rounds the next day grabbing the bandage on my testicles and jerking it of inn one quick motion, I never have hade any other trouble. I just couldn't believe a male dr would do that to another male with no warning. When my 4th hernia sergery was done they said there was a chance of scar tissue building up from multple surgeries cutting off circulation to the testicle, and it would need to be removed. All went well, healed with no problems,but was amazed that a hernia repair could cause removal of a testicle.