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Can someone please help me? I don't know what is happening.

About two months ago I was on antibiotics, strong painkillers, creams, steroids and other pills. The stitches I had after my son was born, came up and left an infected hole. That's why I had to take antibiotics and painkillers. I had an allergic reaction to some cream they gave me and had to take steroids and antihistamine.

After all of that happened, I have not been able to drink alcohol without getting hives. I Had one bad reaction (thought it was towards seafood but I was tested towards that and it came back negative). My hands got red and itchy, my face was full of red itches and my neck and chest as well.

It took a very long time for that to go away. Around 5 weeks or so.

After that, every time I drink, I get hives on my hands and a little on my arms. I also get itches on my chin and cheeks. It's not swollen though and it has not affected my throat or tongue or anything.

Does this mean that I can never drink alcohol again?
My husband and I enjoy relaxing after a busy day with a nice dinner and a glass of wine. Or a beer after work. Will I never be able to do this again?

I went to my doctor and she told me I have to stop drinking alcohol. I can't even use it in food she said. Is this true?

I explained to her that it didn't affect my throat or anything and that I would take the itching if I could have a few drinks every now and then.
She told me that the allergy could get worse if I kept drinking and that after a while, it could get to my throat. Is this true??

I have been drinking for over 2 years. Not heavily (well some weekends), but a drink here and there. Beer, wine, tequila, whiskey, gin you name it.
I have never had itches like this before.

Can it be because my immun system is down at the moment because of all the pills? (but I stopped taking them about 4 weeks ago)
Or can it be something else? This just started after I had been sick for a while.

Please please help me.

I am 22 years old, female. Swedish background but living in Australia with my husband and our son. I was born and raised in Sweden.

Thank you for your help.

My email address is: _[removed]_


Hi there. I am so sorry you are having problems right now!! I have to totally agree with your Doctor on this one!! You may be having an allergic reaction to the alcohol. I know you said you never had this before and probably do not understand why it is happening now. As we grow older our bodies tend to change and so do some of our reactions. Some examples of what I mean...I had previously taken a medication before and had no problems with it. I then restarted on the medication and had an allergic reaction to it. ...when I was little I was very allergic to cats, but now as an adult I am fine with them. Take heed to what your doctor is saying. You may only have minimal reactions to the alcohol now, but who's to say it will not get alot worse and even cause your throat to swell shut. (not saying it will, but you never know) I guess my other question is what type of alcohol are you having a reaction to now? Is it just wine, the hard stuff?? I know that you like to have something to help relax, but I really do not think it is worth your life! Good luck to you.



I also get hives after drinking alcohol so every time I know I will drink alcohol, I take an anti-histamine beforehand and it prevents it.