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I had a hysterectomy and tumour removal 6 weeks ago.When can I return to running,aerobics,yoga,competitive tennis,swimming.I am 65 years old.Is there a site I can access with specific guidlines


It is essential you spoke to your doctor about returning to exercise post-hysterectomy. It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to recover after hysterectomy but considering your age, you may take longer.

Have you been active before your surgery? That would certainly help.

When your doctor gives you a green light, you should start with less strenuous activities but make sure you do start some exercising for the sake of both of your physical and especially your mental health. Hysterectomy can come as a heavy burden.

I hope it will be easier for you than women who haven't faced menopause before their surgeries. Since your estrogen levels are already down, you may not experience such bad effects of hysterectomy.