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i am 13 and i masterbate ALOT. For some reason now i cant get turned on when i want to but i can when i masterbate. Also i dont get morning wood. I am super nervous, i think i am going to cry. what do i do? i will stop. I WILL DO ANYTHING. i am scared to ask a parent or doctor. I searched the symptoms of an erectile dysfunction, it said the symptoms are; hard getting a erected penis, and hard keeping one. thats my problem, i have both of them. I also read an article that you can get an ED at the age of 13 because you are still growing and going through puberty. What do i do? Also i used to masterbate about once everyday. Until i notice these problems i have only done it 3 more times. I noticed them about 2 weeks ago. i have been nervous and not nervous about it, off and on. Do i have an ED? i dont smoke or anything like that btw I KEEP ASKING BECAUSE I AM SCARED


We have the same problem i am now turning 25 years old, at the age of 13 i suffered from erectile dysfunction maybe due to hard masturbation, at the age of 17 my erection is curve downward and cause it to have peyronies disease i dont know how. Right now i still suffer from ed and peyronies, i undergo sugery to make it straight but it just make it worst. Im very nervous. What i advice to you is stop too much mastrbating and porn. Thatis my mistake.sorry not good in english