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Im going to try to be as descriptive as possible.  My last period cycles were was followed: Jan 15-20Feb 22-27y boyfriend. We were messing around. I had spandex/polyster shorts on, mainly spandex (like work out shorts), and also underwear. My boyfriend was bare from the waist down. He was teasing me and like kind of penetrating me while i had my spandex and underwear on. ( I was sitting on top of it) He did not ejaculate.  HOW IM FEELING:Mar 24-31I have not gotton my period since March 24th. I did not have sex since then, but on April 8th, I did fool around with mI'm feeling pretty tired, stomach aches here and there and cramping. Ive been having some discharge also. Waterly like and sometimes gooey like, both clear.PAST: I've been sleeping later than usual, more than usual, and then some days I would have slept none or very little hours. I have a very mixed up sleep schedule. I have recently lost 4 pounds and im already skinny as it is, so im beginning to guess that my eating habits have changed. Im quite petite, 5'2 and around 94lbs?SO YES, I am very terrified that I would have gotton pregnant on that day. My theory is that although he did not ejaculate, the precum could have contained sperm and that it could had swam through my spandex and underwear and had gotton me pregnant, yes I know I sound very ridiculous. But I'm stressing VERY much! I am very aware that sperm does NOT die once it hits air and ignore comments like those. 


help me please