HELLO! Okay so a couple weeks ago after I was done with my period...my boyfriend and I were watching a movie at first.  Then he kissed me, and we got carried away.  We'd started to have, I guess what people call, dry sex.  I had my underwear, spandex, and leggings on.  And he had on boxer, basketball shorts, and jeans on.  And yes I know, this might sound dumb.  But lately I've been feeling bloated, and I've been having to pee alot lately as well.  But my period is suppose to come within this week of Dec 20-23. Btw, my last period started on Nov. 23.  I was just curious, there is no way that i can get pregnant right? I mean, i was wet but it stopped at my spandex and he was wet but he'd said it barely got on his shorts.  


So just curious, not pregnant right?