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Is any instrument/system in India to find out % blockage in heart veins ?,what is safe % blockage in heart veins?


My name is Stephen Harte. I am an author. I am a one who was near death from severe heart failure for 5 years, which problem really began the day after a very large errant "jailed" drug eluding stent was placed in quite a wrong manner at a major hospital. I really need to reply and post to all those on this site who are suffering so much, and how I was able to very successfully help myself, no thanks to doctors, stents, stem cell surgery, statins, beta blockers, supplements, chelation and on and on. It was all useless, until I discovered this therapy. Stent companies offer no treatment for this, though they should, since they are causing a significant world wide problem.

I need to tell you all my story, but it would take hundreds of posts. Instead if interested, read my book available on Amazon Kindle titled:

The Cure for Heart Disease (and Cancer Too), by Stephen Harte.

My book is available in India on Amazon India (and world wide in up to 70 countries).

You can also perhaps Google the book title (I think on India Google also as well as Google USA) and you will find my websites on the book, this subject, and many photos to look at. But don't just rely on the website, as the book has the real info and studies.

In the book I show true peer reviewed scientific studies of the benefits of Creatine Pyruvate and various forms of pyruvate for the heart, heart failure, blood vessels. This includes actual studies showing it is better than popular beta blocker, better than ribose, etc.

I had a near death heart attack in 2004. As my book explains, my severe chest pain problems really started the day after the large errant stent was implanted in my LAD. It was severe chest pain like an elephant on my chest, a vise grip inside my chest, and it lasted every day for 5 years, until I ran across Pax Beale's website. His odd website saved my life.

My book is 604 pages and 61 Chapters. It is available for free some times on Amazon, or at times it is only $2.99. Less than a cup of coffee.

The book explains how Pax Beale (who was a former marathon runner in his youth) was able, after 4 years of mortal heart failure after a botched heart bypass, to therapy back his entire heart. He literally grew his heart back, and then he became a world champion bodybuilder beginning at age 63, and dominated the sport of over 50 bodybuilding, until age 77.

Pax still weight trains now at age 83. He outlived all of his doctors who predicted his early death. My book tells exactly how Pax did that, and how I simply copied his plan and save my life (I made some minor changes). I traveled to San Francisco and talked to him for days, and even worked out with him. I have improved significantly, and would be dead but for quality made German made Creatine Pyruvate (as Pax insists also) and light weight chest lifts repeatedly.

I actually traveled to Bavaria and went to the plant that makes this product, a 100 year old company. I met with the head scientist in charge of the project to learn more.

My book explains how I was able to help myself. I have been doing this now for 3 years. It saved my life, no question. It is not perfect for us with errant stents, but it significantly helped me, especially after about 9 months. For Pax who had no stent, just a bypass, it was a 100% heart disease cure. I would be dead now if I did not do this, I am sure of that.

My book also shows many scientific studies why careful resistance training may provide benefits to heart patients, unavailable with aerobic training; angiogenesis from resistance training, safety of creatine, benefits or pyruvate, including its ability to stop cancer. There were even studies last year showing forms of pyruvate can stop cancer; these were funded by Lance Armstrong's foundation, and there are other recent successful studies done at Johns Hopkins.

Book explains Pyruvate's ability to even reduce damage from radiation, which could be caused during long angioplasty, and information about radiation caused angioplasty injuries which are far more common than doctors will ever admit.

Voluminous info all in the book. Book took 8 years to compile and write. It has many other subjects, including the diet Pax and I follow, etc. This is a serious book with lots of info one can look up on the internet (Google Scholar) and verify as completely true, even photos (Johns Hopkins Univ. Medical has photos of animals cured of cancer by forms of Pyurvate).

The book also shows history of pyruvate (since Louis Pasteur and others who wrote about a hundred years ago). It also shows theories of other scientists that pyruvate is part of the formation of life in our bodies and on the planet. Quite interesting stuff,

There is no book like this. One may not want to take pyruvate, but the book is surely worth reading. Price charged is lowest Kindle would allow me to charge, and no way for me to practically give it away for free, as it is in the Kindle format. Kindle has an amazing free and easy to download App for any PC, ipad, iphone to make it better than a Kindle reader. Good health to all. Stephen Harte, Author



YES you can find out% age of bloackage.