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I am a MTC (Medullary Thyroid Cancer) patient. I've been on Vandetanib drug for past few years, but since the drug is no longer effective, and as per advise from various doctors abroad in UK and India, we are looking to switch over to Cometriq (Carbozanitinib). However, this drug is only available in U.S.. We have some specific questions regarding this:

1. The drug is readily available at major pharmacy locations in U.S.. Can the pharmacies accept prescription from a doctor in UK and order drug for us? Alternatively, can they examine the reports remotely and prescribe this medication?

2. If the patient needs to travel to U.S. to get the prescription, could you suggest private oncologists in NY area who have expertise in this area and are able to write the prescription for us?

Any help is appreciated.



hello samitny130820,

i just read your post.
a very close friend from india also used cometriq. he had exactly the same issues getting the medication. He got from his doctor a contact in switzerland, RCC Pharma. Maybe this is also an option for you.

Take care!