I found this amphetamine article very misleading.   It is my understanding the FDA approved Vyvanse for weight loss. Previously it was only for ADD/ADHD.  I sincerely hope this US govt. agency knows what it is doing..  When I was in my single digits my mother's physician prescribed amphetamines for her to lose weight.   She wasn't obese but she needed to lose about 40 lbs. Its hard for me to say how much since I was only five when she put on this drug.. I do know and remember to this day how emotionally, verbally abusive to me when she was taking them.  Her words still sting to this day.   So much so that decades later I was diagnosed with PTSD. I can't and never could recommend Speed for weight loss.  I know what it did to my mother and because of what it did to her and because of her doctor's prescription how she treated me.  I know from direct personal experience what amphetamines can do.  Please note she did get off the meds.  She profusely apologiized and she treated me well since then.