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Dear Sir,

My wife is 30 year.We are planning to concive a child.Her period date is 20/01/2014.Her last month period date was 14/12/2013.Which time is better for concive child.what is her ovulation date.Last month we are trying but not concive.

Please advice me for better


If she started her period 20th Jan, and started her previous period 14th Dec, it suggests she has a 37 day cycle. Is that her normal cycle? If that were the case, then her next period would be due 26th Feb. That would indicate ovulation on 12th Feb, and so would suggest 7th to 13th Feb. However, if she is not regular, then I would suggest every third day starting with 28th Jan. So 28 & 31 Jan; 3, 6, 9, 12 Feb.