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hey m a gal of 24 by age on 2011 january i broke up with my bf we had a crus fight n i never wanted 2 see him again ,i lst saw my period on the 25 of jan up until the 29 i met a guy on the 4th of feb i had sex with him on the 9th,10,11, without using a protection.dat feb i missed my piriod i did home test it was positive so i went to de doctor around murch n he conferm it n he sad my due date was the 31 october bt i had my babay boy on the 25 october n i was counting week by week wich it was between 36,37


Hi Phumlani,

Odds are very good that it is NOT the baby of the boyfriend you broke up with in January 2011.

You had a "normal" period starting January 25.  You'd likely have ovulated between Feb 5 to Feb 10.  Sperm can survive about 5 days and the egg about 48 hours.  Translation, you likely had sex near your peak fertility with the 2nd guy.

As to calculating the date - which is an approximation and does vary:

1.  Start with the day your LMP began, January 25.

2.  Add 40 weeks (average gestation).

3.  You'll get November 1 as an ESTIMATED due date.  You had your baby at 39 weeks, not a problem and completely NORMAL.  Again, it can vary.

A DNA test can confirm but odds are VERY GOOD that the guy you slept with on Feb 9, 10, and 11 IS the father.

Hope it helps.




thanx a lot now i understand how it goes again thank u very much m so relieved n feel much much better now