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I know, I know. Shame on me :/

Well I had sex with man A on JANUARY, 5th 2013. . I got my period roughly 5 days later on Jan 10 thru the 14th. Feburary comes as well as my period on the 6th thru the 9th (my period never comes at the exact date every month nor do I have it for the same amount of days each month). I than had sex with man B on feb 23,  2013 2 times within 5 hours which is roughly 48/49  days after man A . March comes and my period was late and I usually get cramps a week before I bleed which I had no cramps on day 14 which was cause for concern. I took a test on the 14 and it was positive. I went to the hospital the next night and they ran test and they went off the date of last period (Feb 6-9th) which  gave me a 4 week gestation but when they ran my blood level it was at 3700. The doctor said that is very of high if Im only a couple weeks and my levels should be closer to 50-500 or so and that 3700 is usually signs of a 6-8 week pregnancy  They did not hear a heart beat which if I was only a couple weeks ( 2.5 or 3) then I was told that is normal but if I got pregnant from man A (jan, 5 2013) wouldnt I be more than 6-8 weeks and my blood levels higher than 3700 since it rises every few days as well as hear a heartbeat if infact it was man A? I hope this wasn't to confusing and my question was asked clearly.


ADDITIONAL INFO..... To sum it up, not only am I confused on who the father is, the doctor made me worried with his finding. He said I was 4 week gestation (dont know if he calculated date of last period feb6 or conception date which was feb 23 for man B) TOld me that the baby was dead/or no embryo. because my levels were to high (3700-making me seem 6-8 weeks) but no heartbeat nor fetal pole was spotted which brought us back to 4-5 weeks. Date of conception adds 2 weeks?  It seems so confusing to me. Anyone out there that can break it down from the dates I gave them. Thank you all