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i cant stop eating im 21 a mother to kc aged 3 and billy 14months ,befor i had my first baby i was only a size ten and im now a size 12-14 i hate being fat its realy getting me down i feal totaly ugly and fat my bf says he loves me but how can he when i dont evon love my self , in hi school i loved it i had the pick of any lad in the school , on my facebook family and friends keep saying how pritty i am but iv not set foot out side the house untill night to go shopping i evon have a friend take the kids to school because the other mums are so fin and iv not seen my family and friends in months because im just eating all the time and i feal good realy good every time that food tuches my mouth iv bin to my doctor but he just keeps giveing me anti-depr tablets but they do nothing for me i feal like starving my self i evon cry my self to sleep and im smokeing 20 or more fags a day i only used to smoke 10 please help me someting must be out there a tablet or diet and no i hate leefy food err thanks for your time leannemarie


You can't just take a pill or start some fad diet to lose weight and get healthy. I know that no one likes to do it, but excersize is the only way! I know its hard to get started, but after about a week you will actually start to feel better and get more energy, I promise!

You don't even have to go to a gym if you don't want to, just do sit-ups during commercials while watching TV, do some yoga when you wake up, walk the dog, clean the whole house or play with your kid-(you can play tag, roll a ball back and forth, dance with them, etc.) The possibilities are endless, and as you get more active you will feel more confident and happy.

Also, if you get active and really work up an appetite, you won't feel guilty about eating a good meal. Try to remember that you are eating to give your body energy, not because it is a hobby or you are bored! Food might give you a temporary mood boost, but it sounds like it could also be bringing you down emotionally.

I really hope this helps, good luck!


Well, the reason you are gaining weight is that you are staying indoors all the time. When you stay indoors more, you eat more.

Are you experiencing post partum depression and cannot control it. I think you should address this problem. You are eating on emotional basis and until you sort this problem out, you won't be able to stop eating or loose any weight.

You don't need to go leafy if you don't want to (although it is the healthiest way to go), you can just limit food intake and be careful about what you eat.

If the medications your doctor provided are not helping, you should tell her and either ask for another type of medication or see another therapist who would actually try to figure out what the problem is through conversation in so called cognitive behavioral therapy.

You are young to ruin your life like this by letting these emotions overwhelm you. You have two little children who need you and a supportive partner (it seems to me). You are very lucky, believe me.