Hi, Im a university student, 3rd grade and I have had these symptoms for years that make me go nuts and it also influences my family badly. I'm naturally born with introverted personality and I feel more comfortable being alone than being with many people. However when i am alone, I often feel depressed from having too many negative thoughts and these make me unable to study or even relax for one minute. I also have the habit to binge myself when I feel stressed so this makes it even worse since I'm sensitive to my weight/ changes to my body shape plus I Have low self-esteem. I've tried to stop Binge eating for years but not only I have strong appetite since my childhood but also thoughts of craving food would never go away from my head for the whole day, even if Im really full. I also have tried visiting doctors to improve my problems but Ive recently figured out that I won't change until I change my mind. The problem is, even if I know I Will get better after I lose weight, I am afraid that I might find myself binge eating after thinking too much-almost automatically- and watch myself gain weight dramatically in a short period again... ! I often think of filling out a leave application becuz I hate to go to school after I find myself gain weight...but I know that this wont happen becuz my parents wouldnt allow me to do so, but I mean Im that serious... plz give me some advice