I'm 26. I have been on depo for 3 1/2 years. At first I loved it. It was amazing not having a period and no issues with emotions or weight. Actually when I first started I worked out a lot and lost weight. My doctor was impressed. But as the years went on the task of loosing weight became impossible. After being on it for a year the weight creeped up slowly. I've always been muscular and healthy at 150. In my last year things got crazy. Now I'm at 175 and no matter what I do, the scale does Not budge. I did paleo, extreme weight training, cardio 5x a week (1k calories a day) with 1200 cal intake. Nothing. I've always been able to loose weight in the past If I set my mind to it. Putting a month of effort with each different workout and diet approach with 0 results is extremely discouraging. And If I am not 100% on top of my diet and exercise routine (hardcore cardio 3x a week) the weight just adds right on. I Thought this was all happening to me because I was getting older and my metabolism was getting bad. It never occurred to me Depo could be the issue until I read a Female body builders article about how hormones won't let you loose weight if they don't want to. Then I made a google search and was amazed with the things I read. I have been so depressed and hard on my self about the super fast weight gain and the complete inability to loose it. And I am not a lazy person. I dedicate hours a day to the gym with No results. I recently got my last shot. And am praying and hoping that once I get my period back I can loose the weight and go back to normal. I'm sick of people commenting on my weight gain and just telling me "eat less". Like I haven't tried that already. Willing to hear any advice!