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hey im 19 yrs old i weigh 264 pound and i am 5 foot 8, i cant stand it.My back hurts all the time, and i never can find a boyfriend. But my aunt is getting married in march and i need to loose as much weight as possible by then. Allot of my old friends are going to be there and i want to to look awsome!! my problem is that i am not motavated, i do not know what to eat and how to portion. and money is a big problem in the situation. i do NOT believe in pills, or surgery. i really need help please


start drinking a lot of water. water boosts your metabolism, plus it makes you full faster.

eat a lot of small meals throughout the day. try to eat more raw veggies and fruits as those are better for you and also make you full longer.

also.. you could try fasting. if you go on a juice fast for 30 days you can loose substantial weight and also it's very good for your body.
try this website:

i'm thinking of trying it because i would also like to loose a bit of weight but also detoxify my body since i have been very sick lately

but don't let it take over your life. you have to eat solid food too!

good luck~


When losing weight it is absolutely essential that you don't stop eating, i dont mean eating anything that comes to light, what i mean is eating right at the right times, essentially you don't just want to lose weight because only thing that is worse than being overweight is being underweight, you want to look spectacular and you will look spectacular if you follow the right guidelines. Losing weight is a combination of eating right and exercising, it doesn't matter how well you eat if you don't exercise, you might not get to that goal. Exercising is also two parts, cardio and muscle, even for females, cardiovascular (exercise that run up the heart beat e.g. running, bicycling, swimming,etc) is there to add to your muscle training, lets say lean body as muscle might not be what you want, lean body weight exercising is absolutely crucial to losing weight as it actually burns more calories than cardio but the absolute exceptional results come when you combine both. try to at least visit a gymnasium 5 days a week, i know that for some people the gym is absolutely torture, i used to be one of those, for the simple reason, you feel like you stand out, if you are one of those people that feel uncomfortable in a gymnasium environment, go and buy a set of dumbbells and a cardio defvice of your choosing, i disclaimer that with buy nothing from the infomercials they don't work, if these items doesn't fit your budget, there are alot of exercises that can be done with everyday household items (e.g. chairs) that give you even more exercise than their gym counterparts, i am saying that lighly as the gym is the absolute preferred method and if you can get an personal trainer even better. Of course cardio exercises can also be done outside of an gym environment an hour of walking anywhere is great starting exercise. Eating right is also essential to your weight loss, eating mcdonalds and exercising will only leave you with heart burn, when exercising you will need calorie count everyday, it won't work unless you do calorie count, a mathematical way to find out how many calories you should eat to lose weight is your weight in kilogram x 25 cal and that will give the amount that will give you optimal weight loss you stray 100 cal to each side, eat anything less than that amount of calories and your looking for your grave, weight in kilgoram x 35cal is the amount of calories that will make you gain weight. The combination of exercise and eating right will not only make you lose weight, you will look fit and spectacular but saying it will take time and you'll need inspiration, if you can't find any, take a look at some of documentaries that gives you insight on the troubles that could be waiting for you if you are overweight or obese, it's not fun and when start eating right those foods that once ruled your life will actually taste c**p, i used to weigh 142 kg (312 pounds) , Now i weigh 108kg (237 pounds) , i am still not in peak condition but i am going there soon, i am 6'3 just by the way. That fasting nonsense does not work, detox is a myth, eat the right amount of right food and you will "detox" without feeling c**p. the water is right, drink as much as you can to cleanse your body. Lastly the boyfriend thing, it will just click, it will just happen. I hope that my tips have given you some advice you can use. Good luck.
BTW, I Am also 19