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I started my proper period a few months ago and I was about to turn 14, so yeah, I was pretty later than average. But anyway, I had thelarche when I was around 10 (a pretty average age) and pubarche started at around 11 (again, a pretty normal age). As I had thelarche and pubarche at an average age, is there something wrong with me that my menarche came about nearly 4 years later later? If not, then what happened?
It says about 'constitutional delay' that 'they often have a family history of delayed puberty', which definitely isn't the case with me.

Also, when I was about 11, about a year after my breasts and soon after pubic hair had started to develop, I had this brown discharge that was quite heavy for 1-2 days. I have looked around and some people said that this is 'old blood' and some people said that this is your first period. Which was it? And how can you have old blood if you haven't started your period, because shedding blood is the happenings of menstruation.

Thanks for your help!


Please help me, I'm looking for answers. Please don't tell me that I'm 'normal', like tell me what happened and stuff please! Thanks for any answers. Your help is appreciated.