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hi people and God Bless you,

Im a depression sufferer and latetly i have noticed that Im better in the evenings and at nights. My depression kicks in mostly in the mornings and afternoon. I have vision problems my eyes seems to get blurry , having eye floaters and couldn focus . This things happens mostly in the mornings . My eyes are very sensitive to the morning light and sometimes I have to wear sun glasses to avoid this sensitivuty. I dont know if it happens to you too???

So i feel like a vampire because they say vampires are very sensitive to the light and couldnt stay in the sun:)) hehe

I mostly active in the evenings I get my strenght back in the evenings it seems to be that at that time my depression seems to taper a bit off..

Tell me how you feel all out there and any suggestions would be more appreciated

Thanks and hugs


Gil, to be honest, I often feel the same way. The reason for this is that your body releases more serotonin in the evenings, which is tied to depression. Does that make sense?