I'm a eighteen year old male and I've been getting extremely sore heads for the past year. They aren't every day/night although I do feel as though my eyes are sensitive to light.

I read articles on blue-eyed people being more sensitive to light than others, and this seems to be true in my case. I've came to the point where I really need to do something about it now as I'm a manager of a store and have alot of paperwork to focus on - doing that with a sore head is unbelievably irritating. 

I've been told by my doctor that if I go to the opticians I'm eligible to get some sort of black tinted day-to-day glasses, has this been the case for anyone here or sound likely? If the opticians don't recommend the glasses, would I get them if I asked?

I'm not sure.. but does anyone else have any remedy for sensitive eyes?