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I received a BJ from a guy. I don't know his history. When he finished I felt a sharp needle like burning pain on the tip of my penis. It seemed like he did it on purpose. I didn't see any blood but I guess it only takes a small amount to enter the system. 3 weeks later I got a sore neck, severe constant headache that lasted 5 days, a mild cough, sore throat, and dizziness and 2 nights of sweats. All together it lasted for about 6 days.. Now I have a tender area under my left arm in a lymph node area. The other symptoms have completely gone. I will get an hiv test in about another month but am trying to rationalize my fears, of if he had any blood or enough virus in his mouth to transmit hiv by a very sharp tooth, or if he had the virus at all.. My symptoms are what have me most concerned. Any experiences or opinions either way would be appreciated. Thank you, Matt


Hi Mattt,

The pain MAY have been caused by him being rough during oral.

While possible, it is unlikely you'd get HIV through oral sex.  Saliva is very effective at preventing transmission.

Your symptoms could be from anything but it does sound viral. 

Following up with the HIV test is a good idea but you'll likely need more than one.  Standard protocol is to test at exposure, to see if you already have HIV.  Test at 30 days.  Test at 60 days - if negative at this stage it is VERY unlikely you have HIV.  A final test at 90 days confirms the 60 day results.

Hope it helps, good luck




Hi medic-dan,

Thank You very much for your reply and the comforting words regarding the 60 day mark, it helps a lot.

I got tested for hiv and other stds the same week it happened and all negative. The 60 day mark will be here in a few weeks and I'll follow up. Just kind of worried because of how the mind wanders - With the timing of the symptoms and him inflicting the bite/sticking pain, right before I withdrew, I find myself hoping his intent was not to spread anything.

The symptoms have gone except for the tender area, under my left arm, it feels more like a bruise than a specific lump and the tenderness is fading.

In the next few weeks, are there any "semi-common" symptoms that people have reported in the second month of infection, that might occur? - as I am sure I will be aware of every little insignificant ache or sneeze until my next test.

Thanks for your reply, it has helped.


Quite often, after the initial infection, there are NO symptoms for years.
Any little ache/pain is NOT specific to HIV. It could be anything.
Good luck.


Ok, Thanks.
Sorry, I was trying to make light of my fear, with the every little ache and pain comment.
I'll follow up at the 3 month mark. Thanks again. Matt