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My name is Beth and I am 17. I get bad migraines alot and the doctor said it could be from stress, but I get them even when I'm not. They usually start out in the back of my neck. Yesterday I passed out for the first time and fell and I don't know why. It was followed by a headache today, and I have been lightheaded ever since especially every time I stand up. I'm not sure what is going on. Help?



So, you're 17 and you are experiencing bad migraines and your doctor is suggesting that you are having some form of stress.  Well, stress can certainly headaches.  However, if you are experiencing real migraines there is a physiological reason whether you have stress or not.  Quite often migraines involve blood vessel constriction in the brain.  To get this under control you may have to take meds for migraines.  You might try over-the-counter pain relievers that say they are good specifically for migranes.  See, if that works for you and if not, go back to the doctor again and talk to him/her about serious migraine medication.  It's very difficult to live with head pain that is that bad.