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Lately I have been reading some posts that people put up about their foreskins not being able to fully retract. I've been trying to find a case like mine, but have not found one....

{I am not circumsized}

Basically, I can only masturbate with the foreskin covering the head of my penis. I CAN pull back my foreskin all the way over the head and even farther if I want, but when I try masturbating, I get absolutely no pleasure. The skin that is normally covered by the foreskin feels sensitive to touch and it hurts a little bit to touch it.
THE REASON THIS BUGS ME IS THAT When I watch the porn videos, EVERY SINGLE GUY has their foreskin fully pulled back. It seems that this is a very important factor for sex; I get the feeling that no girl would blow a guy with something like mine, or maybe they would pull my foreskin back thinking that is the normal way too. Also, it seems that to have sex you HAVE to pull the foreskin back.
At first I thought that maybe that is a stage in puberty that I haven't hit yet (I am 15), but then I realized that some of my friends my age are having sex, and I start to think that either they don't have the same thing as me, or I'm just less matured than they are. I feel like I would be uncomfortable having sex with the foreskin condition that I have.

Will anyone PLEASE help me? I need to know:
- Are my friends in a later stage of puberty than me?
- Is it important to fix this before having sex?
- Is it important to fix this AT ALL?

Thank You


Please don't worry. Many men have perfectly normal sex with the foreskin forward, although the act of having UNPROTECTED sex often forces the foreskin to retract. When you first have sex, use a condom. If you put it on with the foreskin over the glans then it should stay like that while you have sex. Everyone is different, so your friends may not have such sensitive glans. The chances are that although they say that they have had sex, they haven't really. 15 is still young. When you have oral sex, ask your gf to leave your foreskin forward - I'm sure she won't mind!! Hope eveything works out for you. Regards, John


Again JB9900 is dead on.


Second, some people find that sex without their foreskin covering the head is far too sensitive. That's what we usually hear.

The shaft of the penis is sensitive to touch, heat, pressure, and wetness.

The head or glans may have different sensitivity.

Recent research has indicated that while we assumed that uncircumcized men were MORE sensitive than their circumsized brothers, that may not be the case.

In any case, USE A CONDOM, and have sex when you are ready for it, and not because your friends are telling you that they are doing it.

Your friends may or may not be doing it, but if they are doing it without a condom, they will soon be known as fathers. And that puts a damper on lots of things that a 15 year old would rather be doing in their life besides sex, kids and parenting.

Relax. You're normal.



I feel so much better now. This is my first time ever expressing this kind of thing online, and I was sort of worried that people may not take this seriously. You don't know how relieved I am..



Hello folks!

I'm glad to see this post as I think I have the same problem.

I'm 23 and my girlfriend and I tried to have natural sex for the first time recently for a more intimate feel. This is after she got a contraceptive implant and so its safe. 

When entering her for the first time without a condom, my foreskin got pulled back below the head, and this was extremely painful and sensitive.

I was just wondering if either of you could advise whether it will just take time to get less sensitive, as if not I suppose I must be looking at getting a circumcission.

Thanks very much, any advise much appreciated.

Best, J


Hurray for getting her on the birth control first, before you attempted this!


I doubt that it's as black and white as you might assume it to be... it's not "Circumcision or nothing", despite your pain during your first attempt.

There are a number of different factors at play here, and I would think that a sex counselor would be more suited to discuss and advise you in this area.  Alternatives such as:  lubrication, level of excitment, use of a condom, perhaps a penis ring,  plenty of forplay, different positions for differ stress and tension, etc.

Not saying that a circumcision might not be your choice in the long run, but as it it a one-way decision... I'd make an appointment to speak frankly with a sex therapist or couples counselor before "going there."

Plus, you might try it a few more times to see if there might not be some variation in your personal experience.

PS: Even if intercourse appears to still be too painful the second or third time, there are such things as sex toys, dildo, or hand jobs, or oral sex that might give a "happy ending", even if you decide to withdraw due to pain/irritation.



I'm intact. A term a prefer rather than define myself as what I'm not- uncircumcised.
I have a perfectly great sex life with my girlfriend, and girlfriends before her, all the while with some issues surrounding some extreme sensitivity when the foreskin is pulled back when erect. I generally avoid receiving blow jobs. They're just too uncomfortable for me, but in intercourse, I use a lot of lube, which works great. lube generally helps a lot. You might need to shop around and try different types. I support the idea of water-based ones, but in practice, the oil based ones last longer and better- they don't dry out or get sticky, which can create awful friction.
I don't need to use condoms, but even when I have, I use lube as well. Communication with new partners is key. Talking about it can be just as awkward and sensitive as the penis itself, ha ha,, but with the right attitude and support from the girl, or guy, (whatever the case may be), they'll hopefully be understanding. Like I say, I've never quite been able to feel comfortable getting blown, but I'm also pretty ticklish too, so I think I've just become overly sensitive over the years anyway,,,, and besides never understanding my guy friend's jokes and desires about getting blown by attractive women,,, I still manage to have a great sex life, and I've never stopped supporting the idea of leaving infant males unmutilated by their parents and doctors for no real good reason. Or at least, males should be given a choice about whether they want to have their foreskins surgically removed once they are adults.
Because so many North American males are genitally mutilated at birth, there isn't as much understanding and material written about your question, but I'm sure this will change in time.


Hi Kermitorc:

Porn is a show that is put on for entertainment. It is not realistic. Also, the performers are at least 18 by law.

You, at age 15,, can masturbate perfectly well with your foreskin forward covering the head of your penis. Touching the head, if it is sensitive is not fun or sexy and most certainly not the way to masturbate. Many guys do it that way.



I am wondering if you are watching porn videos of CIRCUMCISED guys masturbating. They are NOT appropriate to your situation because you are NOT circumcised and you have a foreskin to use.

The circumcised actors in those videos don't have a foreskin so the head of their penis is always exposed.

Look for some videos of uncircumcised guys with intact foreskins.