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Hi all,

I am 17 and am uncircumcised. I have started reaserching foreskin retraction and would like some advice on keeping my foreskin permanetly retracted.



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Your question is: should I.

Retraction is completely optional. It's up to you.

Try it and see if you like it. If you like it, go ahead and do it.



Hi uncirceddude.

You are blessed with a highly-innervated, erogenous foreskin. You can have sex the way nature intended it to be. You should thank your parents for keeping you whole, complete, normal, and intact.

One of many physiological functions of the foreskin is covering and protecting the head of the penis from friction and irritation.

When a semi-tight foreskin is retracted for a long period there is a risk of blood circulation being stopped by the tight retracted foreskin. The retracted foreskin become edematous, swells, and it becomes very difficult or impossible to bring it forward to its normal position where it covers and protects the head of the penis. When it occurs this condition is called paraphimosis.

Some men like to wear their foreskins retracted. If they don’t get paraphimosis, then they seem to do okay with it. They usually lose sensation because the head becomes toughened and keratinized by friction just as it happens to a circumcised man.

Not all men can manage to keep their foreskins retracted. Men with full-length loose foreskins usually find that their foreskin will glide forward again when unattended.


when ever i get in the shower my foreskin is in so much pain