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Hi this is Bin 27 years man, Recently I got a different feeling in my anus...I have to scratch my anus eavrytime I felt this new feeling, i scratch it not deep ener part but only outside of the anus.
I am not a gay and never had a sex with man, I have a girl friend.
I try to wash my anus so many times in case if there is a dirty or sweet but no change....what is happing to me ...
Help me please.


Bin you should see a doctor you could have a parasite called a pinworm. You would need to be treated. It is more common in children though.

The only way to prove it is to have some one check your anus at night with a flashlight-that's when the parasites can be seen.

Or could you have a anal tear- could be from a hard bowel movement or something,

Or do you sweat a lot- it could be from too much moisture or as men call it "swamp ass"

Good luck!