Just read an article titled Fenbendazol use for humans, started with sentence stating not for humans, then proceed to tell you everything about treating live stock, because that’s what it is. It has been successfully used in humans and has cured cancer in some cases , that is the reason it isn’t allowed to be used by humans, to much money being generated from trying to cure cancer, the disease formed by parasite and bacteria, that helps keep the overwhelming amount of human population more under control, remove the deadly drug SUGAR from your diet that’s the first step. Illegally declared a food product years ago even though it is linked to most fatal diseases. Millions in back handers paid to pass it off as safe by your wonderful government even after all tests prove its catastrophic impact on the human body, feeding the bad bacteria and parasites that lead to all organ failure, starving the good bacteria. See if this message gets published. Doubt it.