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I have a lot of unprotected sex. I know it's bad, so don't lecture me about it. Anyways, it's been about 4 or 3 months since i've been with another guy. But, the past 4 months i've only been with one guy. We never use condoms and he does finish inside. I've looked up signs and symptoms of pregnancy, and I have a few of them. I sleep all the time. I wake up in the middle of the night to go pee(which never used to happen). I have digestive problems. My bellybutton is starting to turn into an outty. Havn't gotten my period for about 3 months. I used to feel sick a lot, nausea. I still do sometimes. I have a doctors appt tomorrow to get checked.
Basically, it sounds like I am pregnant.
I am fully against abortion, but when it comes to this.. I can't put my beliefs infront of my life and health. Am I safe to have an abortion? Or is it too late?

ps: during all of this, I have not been on the pill. It makes me reaaalllly sick. I have tried multiple brands, each of them make me so sick.


First, if pills make you sick I'm assuming you've considered condoms? IUD? Seriously, responsible sex is important!

As for termination, most states allow it up to 24 weeks or 6 months. I am a little curious why you would go so long without taking a simple urine test though.

I admit, I'm always amazed by the "the only good abortion is my abortion" mindset. If you're fully against abortion, your own lifestyle wouldn't even matter. The fact is, you're not full against it and at some point you'll have to reconcile yourself with that