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So 2 days ago me and my girlfriend had sex( both 15) we've been dating for quite a while now and she said she wanted to have sex so we did. When we were getting to start I started to put the condom on I noticed it was on wrong it was touching my penis head. So then I switched it around and had sex when I was I noticed this white stuff around my condom. Was it me or her?? I water checked the condom and it was fine!! I'm so stressed her period ended the 10 and we had sex on the 20 can she get pregnat? And I heard some condoms have spermicide do they?? I used a Trojan Esctasy condom. Please help! I'm so stressed


There is always a risk of getting pregnant everytime you have sex. Since your condom didnt break she probably isnt pregnant. As for the 'white stuff" who knows. it could have been from her or it could have been from you. One way of telling who it was from is by looking at the opening of the condom. sometimes you can see the sperm coming up torward the opening of the condom. Sometimes sperm can come out through the opening of it. Just so you know for future reference. Some condoms do have spermacide on them which would be good to have. You should talk to your girlfriend about getting on birthcontrol pills if she does not take them.