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okay i have a probelm.On february 12 my boyfriend and i had sex.without using a comdon so now im scared i could get pregnant.he doesnt think i will becuase he pulled uout but idk.I dont he cummed or anything but im still scared,and from they way my cousin talks i could end up pregnant but my friends and my boyfriend's sister dont think i'm get pregnant.Its really worrying me.what should i do? do i take a pregnancy test? or while and see if i miss my period? help me plz.I'm only 17 and im scared to tell my mom bc she's get mad and likely kick me out if i am.or beat me.


Yep, you could get pregnant from having unprotected sex with your bf.

First, you choose to have sex.
Second, you let him inside you without a condom.
Third, you don't know if he came or not, but it doesn't matter.... there are sperm in pre-cum, whether or not he came.
Fourth, it's way too early to know if you're pregnant during the first week after.

So, you'll have to set and wait to see if you miss your period.
In the meantime, go to the school nurse and learn about birth control and just how accurate the home EPT tests are and when you can try one.

Good luck.

And NEXT TIME....EVERY TIME....use protection! It solves all this worry.


yes,i know i chose to have sex.but figured he'd have a comdon because u was yelling at his cousin for not useing protection and now she's 14 and I thought he'd use one.We were make out and then he was like hold on ill be right back and when he said that i thought he was goin to get one,figured he had one since he give soem to his friend the night before unless he took them all.And my parents have been plannign to put me on the pill but they haven't got around to it and idk if i would be able to go and get it myself.and really i dont believe he came because since he didnt use one hopefully he'd be smart enough to hold it back.And maybe im beign overdramtic about my mom but i know she wouldnt be happy bc she wanted a better life for me and she got pregnant at my age so its weird im kinda her but i dont sleep around with everyone.


It sounds like there's a lot going on in your life.
It's good that you're thinking of birth control. Follow through on that if you are going to be sexually active.
It sounds like your mom might be in support of that too, given her history.

You need to know a couple of things about guys: First, they can't "hold back". When they get close to orgasm, it's gonna happen.
Second, even if the guy can feel that he's getting close, he's already emitted some fluids, and that's what he's feeling... the last steps before he spasms.
Third, even if the guy cllaims he's going to hold back, withdraw, or not come, YOU CAN STILL GET PREGNANT.
The condom is fairly reliable when used properly, but it is not foolproof.
You would do well to insist on his using one, and ask to see it on him before you proceed. If he loves you, he'll understand and be willing to "model" for you. Most guys would be flattered that a gal would want to see their erect penis, even if it's covered up. tell him it get's you hot.

But you MUST be on birth control and using protection if you're going to participate in these adult activities. You know what you're risking. Talk with him about it. Let him know how you are feeling. Put your foot down, and don't budge. No glove, no love.


yeahh ddint think they could hold back,my best friend sicne his a guy thinks he knows everything and said they could.and his kinda going through the same problem,him and his girlfriend dont use protection and his like ive done they reasarch and she won't get pregnant so he says that means i wouldnt get pregnant either,but the internet isnt always reliable when it comes to feeling out thing as much as talkign to ppl that have knowledge of the item or topic and not all websites are 100% true so cant always go but that.and being a teenager im not saying i know everything but alot of teens think they do just bc something doesnt happen to them like a pregnancy doesnt mean it wont happen to anyone else.and i really wasnt planning on doing it it just happened we got cuaght up in the moment and it happened.otherwise i would of made sure he had one.concider he was being stupidand had one on the bus and it hit a girl in the eye so i know he has them but didnt use it.