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Me and my boyfriend did it twice already. One on the 19/7 and just today. We were extra careful when we checked the condoms for any holes and that if he touched himself he shouldn't touch me. 1 or 2 days after the first time we did it (19/7), I had symptons such as tiredness, a light stomach cramp, I think i also eat more than usual and yesterday I felt like throwing up and I think I pee more too.

My boyfriend said the symptons should not be showing that early and he thinks I am just stressing out about it and that's why I get all those. But then that got me thinking what if it happened before already when he touched me or when we played around in the swimming pool last month (he does not use his penis but rather his fingers). Me and my bf play around with each others alot with fingers but he always make sure he doesn't masturbate the night before or before we play.

My last period was on the 12 or 13 of July and the pool incident was a month ago so I do not think it's possible. But I don't know, with the sympton I have, I am not willing to think of any positive thoughts as I do not want a baby.

I am going to test it with the quickstick on friday (7 days after conception) but I still need some help determining if I am pregnant or not.

Thank you very much and please please help me! I would appreciate it very much!


Also today when we did it we used double layer of condoms and I did not let him touch me if he touched it already. Do I still need to take the emergency pills? Because I know it has side effects that could affect my future period.