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Hey guys!

I am a 21 years old male. So more than a week ago I met some old friends in a tavern/restaurant and we had a good time talking and drinking. I drank about 4 glasses of white wine with sparkling water over a period of 5 hours. An hour later me and two friends of mine went to one of their houses and smoked two cigaretes of weed (I think one was hash and one was weed if I recall it exactly). However, at first I felt really relaxed, then the laughing-phase took over and then I suddenly felt very awkward. I thought: Please stop, I don't want this effect anymore. As this was like my 5th time smoking weed, I calmed myself down and reminded myself that the effect would disappear. 

It got worse - I felt completely dizzy and really tired. It felt like a dream, I couldn't really control what I was doing, my body just did it. So I went home and fell asleep. The next day I woke up I thought it's a hangover but it still continued like I was dreaming and I didn't really noticed everything around me. I tried to sleep it off. It got better the next day but I still felt very dizzy (vertigo) and my hands numb. My sense of touch in general wasn't working right. Two days I was also nauseos. My two friends feel fine who smoked the same stuff feel fine...

10 days have passed and I'm still dizzy (nobody can see it but my body is balancing all the time even when I'm sitting or lying in bed). The good thing is: my motor activity has improved since the incident and I can now feel things better and follow conversation, I'm still having a hard time concentrating on things though. I don't get a lot of sleep either. It feels like the dizzy feeling when you are high but your mind is clear ... it's hell on earth for me as I want to go back to my original state so bad. I realized that my life up until now has been great and I want to make so much more out of it. Health is the most important thing in life!



I'm posting this here because I have found many threads in the internet who are reporting the same exact issue but no one ever responded if they got better or not and that worries me that it might not go away ... I even cried a lot because of my worries.


What did I try to improve my state?

The doctor I went to measured my blood pressure, made an ECG and took blood samples. Everything is normal. He prescribed me something for vertigo (for inner ear - not sure if it is working) and for nausea (which I don't take anymore because I don't need them). Funny thing is my appetite in general is way lower than it used to be. 

I am going to see a ENT-specialist (ears, nose, throat) and do a MRT in a hospital.


What does help me?

Everything that distracts me from my current state! Especially doing simple tasks or taking a walk is very good because I don't seem to concentrate on the vertigo. Riding a car or bus (not as a driver!) also helps distracting. But what I feel is the most important: Thinking positive and talking positive - mind control. Also being touched by another person helps me - especially massages like Shiatsu are very relaxing and distracting. Bach Flowers are a good supporter too.

I hope it gets better ... I really do. I have some things I want to achieve in life so I really regret smoking that stuff. I will never do it again. 

Has anybody else been there? Suggestions??


I wanted to update you guys on my situation.

My body and mind have recovered really well. I can finally concentrate on things again even for a longer time and I have my body fully under control. Also my senses are back to normal.


But there is still this dizziness that accompanies me all day (standing, sitting, lying). It is a feeling like standing on a boat - the body seems to be balancing all the time. Often I have pressure in my chest which may be caused due to panic/worries. Sometimes I feel a pulsing in my head.


On another homepage someone replied that his friend has experienced the same thing which lasted for months but it got better after she stopped worrying about the feeling.


Has anybody experienced this feeling before? Or do you know somebody who has?Please reply!



Hi, I'm suffering with almost the exact same symptoms right now. I got high, had a panic attack, and have been dizzy for four and a half weeks now. I've seen my general practitioner and an ent - my blood, heart, and hearing tests have all come back normal, so the next step is a series if balance tests and an MRI. How are you feeling? Did you figure out what was wrong?


any development about issue? I have the same symptoms I am already 7 months smoke free.