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Hello! Firstly I love this article; is nice to read a good experience about a tonsilectomy once in a while! I'm 18 and a female and I had my tonsillectomy yesterday. Similar reason, my tonsil stones were dreadful and so embrassing when I was with my boyfriend and startling gagging up smelly balls of gross-ness!! I HAD to have my tonsils out! 

 I'm usually really bad with pain so when I heard about this method as well I was over the moon! 

All of my friends who had stiches told me horror stories of when they got their tonsils out and after hearing them I changed my mind about doing it until coming across this method.

I am on day two and everything is alright. I have experienced a sore throat from a cold worse than the pain I am facing now!

Eating habits are also completely normal. I had a chicken ceaser salad about 2 hours after my surgery, followed by spaghetti bolognase for dinner. I have also eaten crisps/chips which wasn't painful at all, kind of surprised me!

My doctors has given my antibiotics which last for 5 days and I take three a day which is helping and also alternating between paracetamol and nurofen at the same time. So all is really good!

Definitely think this surgery is worth it if your tonsils cause you heartache! 



Oops my comment was meant to be in reply to this article!