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I had my period on January 1st, then on January 18th i had unprotected sex, and he said he pulled out, but im not sure if he did in time.. on January 27th i had my period and it seemed normal. But now i should have started like yesterday or day before and i didnt. I feel like im having symptons, but im not sure, do you think im pregnant or could i just be making things worse worrying about it? pleasee respond, i need info asap!


This answer has a few parts.  First, it's amazing how easy it is to get pregnant, and "pulling out" is one of THE WORST "birth control" methods possible.  It shouldn't even be referred to as anything having to do with birth control.

Yes, you can get a period and still be pregnant.  Typically fertilization takes place in a fallopian tube and if the fertilized egg takes it's time getting to the uterine wall, it can still partially slough off producing a "period."

However, being late by a day or two isn't long enough to give you a definite answer about being pregnant.  All kinds of factors can affect when you get your period, including but not limited to stress and worry.

Regardless, you'd be far enough along to get a solid response from a Pregnancy Test.  My suggestion is to get a test from your local drug store and pee on a stick.  In five minutes you'll have a pretty solid idea if you're pregnant or not.  If the test comes up positive make an appointment with your OBGYN for an internal exam.  Then you'll have your answer with NO DOUBT. 

By and large the new Pregnancy Tests are pretty accurate and give reliable results.  Once in a while you can get a false negative, but that has to do with exactly how far along you are in your pregnancy and how sensitive the test is to HCG (the chemical that's present when you are pregnant).

My suggestion: Take a test and get an "real answer" to your question.