I had this keyhole surgery done because couldnt bare the scrotal pain. Did dropler and found varicocle on both sides... under went surgery oer doctor's recommendation (was not cheap). Everything went fine, doctor said he was able to get "all" the bad veins and that the procedure was a success. I left the hospital with a week's woth of augmentins and painkillers. After about 4-5 days after the surgery I started noticing swelling on my left scrotum and sharp but subtle pain on my lower left abdomen every now and then. The swelling in the left scrotun starting to hurt constantly approaching 6-13 days after surgery, out of curiosity I did self examination and can feel a lot of liquid inside the left sack, under the testis itself i felt a small cluster of 'meat' underneath and one hard bump that felt like a small pea which was sensitive to the touch that was not there before the surgery. The varicocele veins were still there and the bundle enlarged to probably the thickness of my thumb. The weird appearance left scrotum together with then pain made me decide to pay my doctor another visit. He examined me and said it was infected but did not specify what type of infection. He subsribed injections of Ceftriaxone 1 g IM (Cef-3) on my butt for 3 consecutive days and gave me Ciprobay 500mg tabs to take home to take for 5 days. And a Urine test. Can someone tell me what is going on and if my case is serious? Will I lose my scrotum? Will the swelling go away and is this a normal post surgery occurance? I am very frustrated please help.